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1. Oven
2. Stand mixer. My dream is to own a RED (so gorgeous, the colour!) KitchenAid but it costs two bombs.
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Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Hello mid-April.

Still alive, still around, writing a thesis.

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pretty little red butterfly.
10:59 am

Monday, March 23, 2015


Woke up to Empress' sms informing me of the news. Read many tributes today, all lovely.

Two things triggered me over the last few days.

1) PM Lee penning "Dear Papa, hope you get better!" on the SGH wall a few days back.

2) Jaime Teo's tribute today - she posted a picture of Mr LKY and wife when they were younger and captioned it "Together again."




pretty little red butterfly.
6:12 pm

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Tuesday's students, every odd week I go in to your class with more wariness because you ask cheem questions that sometimes stump me heh, but it's good because they are great questions and I am forced to make sure I *know* my stuff. You don't know, but today you helped revive an uninspired tutor and helped make her eager to learn new things again. So thank you.

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pretty little red butterfly.
10:05 pm

Monday, March 16, 2015


I chanced upon this song again recently and thought back to four score and seven plus years ago when things were uncertain though still hopeful.

I like the 'now', definitely.

Incidentally, finding 萧亚轩's '最熟悉的陌生人' to listen to after telling the brother that there were two students in the tutorial classes that look like two of my friends so I had that familiar-yet-not feeling hur led me to an hour-long video of her songs and then after led me to 陈绮贞's hour-plus-long video that I'm still listening to now. Such calming music for the night. Here it is if you also want an hour of her soothing voice:

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pretty little red butterfly.
12:49 am

Monday, March 09, 2015


Happy International Women's Day! For the Asia-Pacific region this was yesterday, but the rest of the world are still just catching up.

To learn in 2015: to not get upset whenever WOMEN are the ones who say that they are not 'feminist' and don't see men and women as being equal to each other. Even typing this out is making me URGHHH. Oy. Feminism equals gender equality. The reason there's the fem- prefix is because females are traditionally the ones who are disadvantaged in most societies and it is to acknowledge this very fact of the disadvantage. If you are not a feminist it means you don't think the sexes are equal? If you think yourself lesser than any other sex, I... don't know what to say.


pretty little red butterfly.
12:27 pm

Sunday, March 08, 2015

conference planning


I have been MIA from basically all my social accounts, specifically Blogger, Twitter and Tumblr because I have been part of the organising committee for yesterday's graduate student conference. It's over, wheeeee. I think it was a success. *pats all of us on back* 'Not my division' became my tagline for when things could be better. If it were L and I handling it, it would not have been done that way. Along the way people pissed us off because of their lack of ability to offer help to two people who needed to move five bags and a huge box into a room and also their apparent lack of want to just merely hold a door open so that said two people could move said five bags and a huge box in without the door slamming in their faces every time. Goodness gracious.

L said her sister's workplace recently paid $15,000 to an events management company to organise their event. WHAT!!! My goodness. I can do all aspects of an event (and sort of did for this one even though I was only part of the logistics committee)!!! Programme editing for grammatical errors/alignment, check. Sourcing for gifts, check. Preparing door gift materials, check. WRAPPING GIFTS SOME MORE, check. Planning logistics, check. Helping to stick posters to a poster panel with blutack - there's a technique okay, mai siao siao, check. Providing most efficient directions to the venue, check. Sticking directional signs all over, check. And so many other things. Of course I didn't do all of these myself, but I had a part in all of the above. CAN JUST GIVE ME THE $15K CORRECT OR NOT!!

I read somewhere that you should have a hobby that makes you money and a hobby that helps drive your passion.

I think I maybe have found the former.

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pretty little red butterfly.
12:47 pm

Sunday, February 22, 2015


Happy 初四!

This year our Lunar New Year was a bit more toned down because we aren't celebrating it. But yesterday we went to S biaojie's new house as a housewarming-cum-CNY-visiting. Her new house is vair nice, there were little bits and bobs here and there, T called it a "mini museum". I agree.

Little girl T took a photo of big girl T and I and it's my favourite of the lot. We always seem to wear coordinating colours/patterns on CNY heh.

The lo hei part was hilarious.

Empress was actually called to do the 'say auspicious thing as you sprinkle the different packets of food' thing, she said we could also ask T's papa, in the end S biaojie did it.

Crackers - "铺地黄金!"
Peanuts (or some other similar scatter-able item) - "金玉满堂!"
Some red thing - "Ah this one red ah then 鸿运当头!"
Ginger - "Aiyo I dunno this one leh, aiya 姜是老的辣!" To which we all burst out laughing. Someone said "aiya never mind just think of the first thing you can think of related to it."

And that's how sesame had - "芝麻开门!"

HAHAHA. Hilarious.

The younger ones were late in joining the lo hei, so they had their own mini version after we had already lo-ed. They lagi more enterprising - they read things out off an APP! Wah seh lo hei also got app, mai siao siao.

Had a great time overall. We had a fun time with the Go-Pro as well. To the next gathering! *cheers*

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pretty little red butterfly.
11:20 pm

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