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Friday, April 18, 2014


One of the banes of being pregnant, other than having to hold a watermelon in your uterus and birthing said watermelon from said uterus 9 months later OH HOW LOVELY INNIT (yea yea I am in this world because blah blah), from observation: anything you post online (picture/video/text), LITERALLY ANYTHING AT ALL, someone will find a way to provide you with unsolicited advice on how NOT to do the thing you posted you're doing because it's bad for the babeh, to CONTINUE DOING the thing you posted you're doing because it's good for the babeh, or to DO XYZ ALTERNATIVE instead because they heard from their friend's mother's cousin's colleague's dog that that's supposed to be the BESTEST THING TO DO EVER WHEN YOU'RE PREGNANT and especially best if this person is a MALE. Thanks for the mansplanation (what a great word innit, males explaining women things BACK to women and having that self-entitled air about it. Bitch please), nobody asked.

Next time I'm going to make a shirt which says I DO NOT WANT YOUR UNSOLICITED OPINIONS, THANK YOU.

How did Grandma do the whole giving birth thing 11 times? As I get increasingly near the age where I'm supposed to be "marriageable" and "time to settle down" (hate this phrase btw, why am I settling for anything, this implies that there are no better alternatives than the one you currently have, what rubbish, I'd rather "time to get married") and "time to think about having children" and "why are you not having children you are missing out the greatest things life can provide" O RLY and "when are you having another child, one child is lonely one child bad more chewren good" yadda yadda yadda, I am increasingly not inclined to want to have any being come out from anywhere. (To future ruiqi if you're reading this and especially if you DO have children, don't laugh. This was a legitimate thought and concern current ruiqi had okay.)

Do you know that being bipedal (walk on two legs instead of other animals that go on fours) made the giving birth process of women waaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy harder than for animals? We get extra height but this constricts the birth canal. Versus a zebra who can pop however many she wants out and go frolicking in the woods the very second after. I want to be a zebra.

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pretty little red butterfly.
12:12 PM

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Happy birthday to the earliest known J in my life, 1x years and counting! :) hope you had a great one!

(didn't want to reveal the x cuz perpetually living in denial of my age hurhurhur I'M FOREVER 19!)

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pretty little red butterfly.
8:16 PM

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


How do [sic] shake off that nagging feeling that's been plagueing you for three and counting years, I want to know. (Hehhh I have my own strongly negatively connotated word also wor - plague. *inside joke comment*)

Talking to myself hasn't helped. Talking to others have helped slightly in that now more than one person is wondering how I'm going to live my life ha.

How do, how do.

Thank you H for today. :) (Have you rewatched Kissing in the Rain Ep 6 for the umpteenth time yet? :p)

L: Faith, hope, love... and the greatest of this is love.

Ehhhhh since it's a biblical verse...... Mmmmmmmmmmm. Ehhhhhh. *remains sceptical*

*retreats back into writing the paper I really need to write*

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pretty little red butterfly.
11:14 PM

Sunday, April 13, 2014

bechdel test / friendship

The Bechdel test is a quick gauge of any TV show/movie/book/whatever that features

1) at least two women

2) who talk to each other

3) about something other than a man.

It is something I keep in mind now since we are perpetually bombarded with MALE LEAD and MALE SECOND LEAD and MALE EXTRAS and MALE EVERYTHING OTHER THING and then

ONE FEMALE WHO IS THE LOVE INTEREST and who only gets vapid lines about superficial things and is generally SUCH a two-dimensional character YOU WILL NEVER FIND IN REAL LIFE.

It is the absolute boring-est snooze-fest ever and I've watched SO MANY SHOWS OF THIS KIND that I am SUPER TIRED OF THEM ALL.


And bitch please, there are AS MANY DIVERSE PERSONALITIES of females AS WELL AS men. Can all MALE writers see that instead of just throwing the lamest things to say ever onto the girl?

Also a quick point about writing STRONG women - giving her a gun/weapon to shoot DOES NOT a strong woman make. She can be strong WITH or WITHOUT a weapon, thanks vair much.

And I know I am speaking in gender binary terms but please substitute FEMALE for GAY/LESBIAN/BISEXUAL/TRANSGENDER/QUESTIONING also and I will be SO MUCH HAPPIER to watch it.

Also, please do not undermine "girl problems" and that do not not deserve attention. Please read the link in the following tweet:

From the archives, here's a post I wrote about what it means when we talk about "girl problems" http://t.co/m1Rfv03ge3
— Kelly Jensen (@catagator) April 11, 2014

Yesterday I suddenly realised that my friendship with H definitely passes the Bechdel test because we talk mainly about politics/social issues/religion/music/science/art and everything BUT boys. Heh. Good job, us. We are definitely not the characters that get written in most sitcoms/books/movies ever. *pats us on back*

Had a great brunch/lunch with her on Friday about all of the above categories I mentioned hur. Like I told her, I like talking with her cuz I can be as irreverent as can be which may be a good/bad thing depending on circumstances hurhurhur. Although, you know those tables that seat four people? I was wondering why the pair of dudes at the next table sat on the two seats that were NEARER to us; the other table on their other side was empty, if I'm not wrong. Hmmmm, they wanted to join in the not-particularly-tending-towards-religion conversation too? Sure, come on innn.

Sometimes I wonder how some people can come up with ridiculous-sounding statements which they feel is perfectly reasonable and logical. HOW DO YOU DO THAT?! HAVE YOU NOT LEARNT SCIENCE?!!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!!?!?!?! And do you think that science "theories" are in fact unproven hypotheses like used in other areas?! No okay, the word 'theory' is used differently in science! It stands for theories which HAVE BEEN PROVEN AS FACT.

Excusez moi while I go roll my eyes:

(Gif credit x)

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pretty little red butterfly.
3:58 PM

Tuesday, April 08, 2014


This photoset made me think today.

To whoever tells me that no one will love me as much as they did,

you're wrong, *I* will love myself much much more than you ever will.


Recently, I've seen so many people whose attitudes are not a good fit with the job they are in. They are student care teachers yet they can call children "stupid" and "crazy" to their faces. Or on the other end, they excuse undesirable behaviours by euphemistically terming them "playful".

They are people taking graduate courses in order to work with the clinical population, likely in hospitals or special schools in future yet can say "wah your _____ scores really quite bad ah"/"you're like a bit blur ah" to their faces, possibly thinking they can't understand?

How did you get your job again? I am reaaally concerned.


pretty little red butterfly.
11:59 PM

Sunday, April 06, 2014

lock, stock and barrel

Hello April, you look lovely.

Last lab meeting last Friday and I am still so in awe and amazement that all 20+ of us were in blue/grey/white/black and the photo turned out SO PREEEEEEEETTTYYYYYYYYYYYYYY and I'm dying to upload it somewhere and flail about it but for the sake of those 20+ faces I shall save the flailing for real life.


Was locked out for an hour last night. The key could go in and turn it but the lock could not be released.

The brother asked if I felt cagey. I told him shouldn't you all feel that instead.

Also, he mentioned Sherlock. I rolled my eyes.

The only pun I can think of was - if there anywhere I can bolt to for the time being?

(I know, I know, *cringe* and all that.)

The locksmith drilled two holes to get the lock out. The three in the house happened to walk away in the second the lock was released. They stayed all the way only to miss the most exciting part. Kuakuakua.

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pretty little red butterfly.
12:33 PM

Sunday, March 30, 2014


Today we went for the Qing Ming... thing (I never know what to call this - not procedure, not festivities, not celebration, can't think what. Tradition? Also... eh~ not the exact word I'm looking for). At the Sims Avenue temple, this year, for some reason (probably period coming), the emotions demanded to be felt. And then I cried myself to sleep in the afternoon. It's been 12 years (that's half my life!). Ah.


I like that we wanted to talk with each other about the same topic (fyi you were one of two intended target audience for the previous post), and I'm glad it was not a moment too soon nor too late.


The defence mechanisms I turn to are either denial or avoidance. In the case of parking, I go into full-on latter mode: position the car such that other drivers will go "apa ini is this one doing? What kind of pattern is that?! I better stay clear away for the sake of my preciousssss" and then they leave alone and I park at my pure sweet leisure.

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pretty little red butterfly.
8:16 PM

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