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1. Oven
2. Stand mixer. My dream is to own a RED (so gorgeous, the colour!) KitchenAid but it costs two bombs.
3. Coin spoons from Ireland. (Click to see blog post and picture)



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the apple crumble of my eye ♦ ;

Tuesday, August 02, 2016


Lost pendant. Family. Tay mums. Money. Work. Research. Stress. Food allergies. Weddings. Pre-wedding traditions. Insurance. Partners. Psychosomatic stress. Companionship. Depression.

R biaojie asked me out for lunch today. It was nice. I wanted to touch more on the last topic, there wasn't enough time. Next time eh, next time.


pretty little red butterfly.
9:50 pm

Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Hello, neglected space due to being somewhat of a "known figure", how are you?

I'm well, just attended the graduation ceremony for my M.Soc.Sci degree. More letters and dots on my namecard. (Only on my namecard.) So happy for L and her Ph.D. We kept joking that we are going to reserve tables at places with Dr _ for each other if/when we both can call ourselves that. So far it's only her, so I can keep doing it to embarrass her :D

Emperor took an orange balloon, Empress took a blue one and then threw in some streamers for good measure. So now I have two balloons floating about the room. I realise I quite like having them around. They provide me some form of entertainment when I feel like throwing them around and when I get bored they are low-maintenance and just sit there waiting to be played with next. Like pets, minus the living element and the fact that animals are waaayyy high-maintenance. Okay soz I do not advocate throwing pets around. Don't mind me, I'm not an animal person.

Every few weeks for the past few months I get into a CLEAN UP funk and start clearing away and tidying everything in my room. I have since given away two bags of clothes and have a third lying on the floor waiting for me to add a cardigan in. They are not the huge massive trash bags that I see in YouTube clearing-wardrobe videos though, just the average clothes shopping bags. I always wonder how come those people can fill up like 10 of those trash bags - where do they have the space to store 10 trash bags' worth of clothes in their house?! Their apartment does not look super big! I have also made several rough paper stacks for maximum printing and doodling efficiency. I still have lots to clear but inertia. One day, I will get around to doing them. One day.


My favourite thing to do now is to kill people with kindness. Karma helps me take revenge, I don't have to do the dirty work. ✌


I need to plan to go on holiday somewhere. I have no plans at all for this year, because last year I thought that this year I might be off elsewhere. We'll seeeee.

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pretty little red butterfly.
12:21 pm

Tuesday, April 05, 2016


Sometimes, I wonder what we are teaching when we open the feedback channels so widely and allow everything to flow through. Of course feedback is good, we are not an authoritarian state where everything the higher-ups say is law and there is no room for negotiation, especially when there is the possibility of being wrong. So having to be kept in check is good for all.

But what are the costs? Are there any? Are the occasional pearls worth it for the all the noise we have to sift through?


pretty little red butterfly.
9:13 pm

Wednesday, March 02, 2016



My name is Rui Qi,

Jane of all trades, Master of none in Psychology.

(I waited three years and spent an extra few thousand dollars to prepare for the day I can say this joke. The day is today. Worth it.)

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pretty little red butterfly.
11:21 pm

Thursday, January 28, 2016



8-hour talk-a-lot days are really no joke.

I give 110% in classes so by the end of the day I am all exhausted. Wooo is this semester gon' be a wild riiiiide.

In other news,

I'm done.

And so it goes.

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pretty little red butterfly.
11:25 pm

Monday, January 04, 2016


New Year started with seeing the Christmas Wonderland lights at Gardens by the Bay. The lights were pretty, the company was pretty (*cackle*), everything was pretty.

First day of school/work for most people, not me. I'm not feeling too bouncy, the feeling should pass. I am still editing editing editing. And listening to the YES 933 Top 100 Countdown in reverse order. Hebe's 小幸运 is tops!! YES LA it only came out in the last quarter of the year and it climbed alllllll the way up. Yoohoo.

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pretty little red butterfly.
6:00 pm

Thursday, December 31, 2015

goodbye and hello

Hello, it's me.

What a year of non-blogging this is eh.

As alluded to in previous posts, I am now in a position where it's not so convenient to put my soul up online anymore. I've been mostly posting thesis updates, because that's the only thing that's still inherently 'mine', the other things I am in charge of relate with other people, therefore the radio silence for the most part.

2015, you've been better than 2014 as far as I can remember. This was what I wrote at the end of last year:
May I just have peace and tranquility in the new year, I don't need anything grand. Getting older ah, my heart cannot take it. Hur.
Thank you gods and goddesses for granting that this year has indeed mostly been peace and tranquility. I would like to maintain it please.

This year, I've also done much more yoga than ever, although I have not done in the last few weeks because I take a break every time the period comes and then the last few days I've not been home or been lazy ha. Next year I hope to keep up the yoga!

Highlight of this year was definitely the two weeks in the UK in July. It was a great grad trip of sorts. I still cannot have a proper "grad trip" it seems, they are always "of sorts" ha. Getting to revisit my beloved Cambridge was surreal. We were able to tolerate each other in those two weeks, let's hope this continues. To us! *clinks champagne glasses*

Goodbye, 2015. Hello 2016, you should be interesting. Bring it!

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pretty little red butterfly.
12:31 pm

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