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Sunday, January 18, 2015

sunflower wedding

M and M got married yesterday. So happy for her and him.

I woke at 5.15am after being unable to sleep, as if *I* were the one getting married. Then got makeup on my right contact lens and had to throw it away *mutters to self  'why so careless'*. Also yes you read right, contact lens, story for another day ~

I was a third of a trio of bridesmaids and we were in white top/light blue-mint skirt with a shorts lining underneath which made us all feel so secure and made us move in less restricted movements than we would if there were no shorts lining haha.

Cake for breakfast.

We prepared the post-its needed for the morning gatecrash. We wrote the easier things to do on the yellow strips and harder ridiculous ones on all the patterned ones. The yellow strips had 'planking 5 seconds', 'lick an elbow', 'float for 2 seconds' whereas the patterned ones had 'float for 10 seconds', '100 push-ups', '20 jumping jacks' etc. The groom and groomsmen were supposed to stick these onto themselves then shake them all off to 'Shake It Off' (so witty right, us) and we decided to make them do the things listed on the post-its depending on whether were more post-its left on the floor or on them. The wind helpfully (for us) blew so many of the yellow strips off that they had to do those patterned ones instead. So their physical challenge was really physical hur. They were hilarious doing them, and one groomsman even said that they should be the ones doing the punishments and not the groom - wah so sporting, great job!

The other task was a How Well Do You Know the Bride one, asking him to identify her eye, handwriting, perfume and fist (trick question: there was no picture of her palm in the collection!) insulting the eyes that were not the bride's ('why this one so old ah') and handwriting that wasn't the bride's also ('wait this should be easy, her 'r' cannot make it wan. Eh why here all the 'r's cannot make it wan') and almost insulted our fists also before he realised he shouldn't say anymore hurrr.

They then had to get the key from the two elder sisters. SO FUNNY but so creative, the groom used his music stand to try to reach the key and had a fine time struggling with them cuz the sisters used their feet to cover it if he got anywhere near it. Then they finally put it juuust way out of his reach (by hand only, no more music stand for this time) so he had to stretch a bit more, and made it.

Third barrier was a barrier of her relatives who just physically blocked till he gave an angbao hur.

No wonder they were half an hour late. They went to get these 40 balloons, because the bride said she was unable to get them previously so the groom Made It Happen yo. The lateness was also because they had to slowly stuff 40 helium-filled balloons into the car, out of the car, into the lift, out of the lift, into the house, into the corridor, into the room etc. you get my drift. My goodness.

And then he went in to kiss the bride. Yay!

He came out to get his guitar, music stand and sheet in and began playing 'Way Back Into Love'. The bride was okay at first then suddenly started crying and I'm vair proud that I got her initial crying face HAHA. *pats self for perfect timing* Best picture of the night. At the second chorus, all of us bridesmaids and groomsmen who were at the door started joining in the singing too. It was cute and so heartwarming. The bride herself was swaying to the music heh.

We went to the groom's house where the couple ate tang yuan, carried out the tea ceremony and went back to the bride's house to do the same.

Huuuge suckling pig.

We went to bridesmaid M's (too many same-letter names) house to shower and get dressed and headache over the sweetheart neckline dress that the bride chose for us to wear. Okay admittedly looking at the photos again we all look quite nice, but that was after much tugging and taping and constantly helping each other pull up our dresses before we were due to march in and keeping our arms as close to our bodies as possible. OOF. Note to self: do not make people wear strapless dresses.

J drove us to RWS where we prepared for the solemnisation.

So bright and cheery and different from the norm, I like!

Our bouquet.

Bridesmaid J helped me pull up my dress one last time before I walked out with the tallest male (can you believe it I am the tallest female in heels hahaha, otherwise I am second, if I told past chooahqi that she was going to be the tallest at anything I think she would have just rolled her eyes because past chooahqi was always among the shortest in class). We walked out to Canon in D played by the string quartet.

I know the most exciting things are not captured on camera, that's cuz I was involved in them and can't take any photos.

We had time after the solemnisation to take bridesmaid/groomsmen photos with the wedding couple.

J helped to take photos, including these two of the sky:

We then proceeded on a looong walk to the convention centre. I say long although it's probably 10 mins or so but we were in high heels and our legs were sore.

The angbao box. So cute. Should have also been yellow to fit with the theme haha.

And then I was also MC so no pictures again. My opening few lines, including an extremely long sentence, I didn't stumble. Subsequently, I stumbled. Hur. Oops. Should have made a joke of it saying "beg pardon, I have not been speaking Mandarin in official settings for a long while."

During the champagne pouring bit, one of the groom's nephews suddenly slowly crawled up to the stage and walked across it. The bride moved to go catch him, I went instead said "hello" (ha) and held him till his father came to carry him away. The groom's speech was short and sweet, he said that since everyone in the room was important to him he didn't want to only have the couple's relatives up on stage to do the yum seng. So he told everyone to raise their glasses, and to my surprise everyone said "Cheers!" in unison!!!! I do not think it was pre-planned, I thought it was so cute that everyone said the same thing and all at the same time!

After the entire speaking-on-stage time was over, I joked that I could now have wine and 不醉不归. One of the profs at the table asked in all seriousness, "Is there still wine?" hur he vair cute and did not get my joke ha.

Also, S who's a Muslim got such interesting and yummy food! Although our food was also good, it was so cool to see what alternatives they serve. So personalised.

Overall, I think it was one of the best weddings I have attended before, I think partly cuz I was involved in it from morning to evening, and also because for the first time it was MY close friend rather than a relative whom I'm not as close to or J's friend whom I don't know very well. I'm still having so many thoughts about it even today, I just keep remembering what happened heh.

Chandelier outside another ballrooom.

I was awake for 20 hours, all without caffeine nor nap. So proud of myself. And in contact lenses (my second attempt at wearing them) for 19 of them. Wooo.

And today I woke up with sore shoulders (from carrying a huge bag of stuff) and sore thighs (from walking in heels for half of the 20 hours). Wooo.

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pretty little red butterfly.
11:59 pm

Thursday, January 15, 2015

bridal shower

First bridal shower I am a part of yesterday.

I am so innocent when it comes to asking scandalous questions, the other two bridesmaids were definitely MUCH BETTER. Ha.

See, I like to just suggest/insinuate scandalous stuff, but I am not really interested in EXPLICITLY asking others aforesaid scandalous stuff. I don't think I need to know what happens when you and your partner do for fun eh.

M must be so surprised to see that I was blushing on her behalf when she was asked those ~interesting~ questions ha.

I made her this sash thing out of tulle that I had (no pictures cuz I didn't take a photo of it by itself) and a sign (it says '-to-be' under 'bride').

I like our trio. No too-sexy stuff which she didn't want and neither do I, I am already sometimes uncomfortable when people I know touch me on my arm/shoulder, much less a COMPLETE STRANGER.

It was a good night.

Tomorrow - packing/preening. And also continue data entry.

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pretty little red butterfly.
9:30 pm

Friday, January 09, 2015


I'm not sure blogging at 2am is the best idea ha, but I don't think I'll regret having written this post when I read it in the morning heh so here goes.

I've been expecting a phone call for the past two weeks. Turns out, they forgot about it. -.-

But there goes my first 'everything happens for a reason' thing of the year.

This week I was just cleaning up my thesis data file and trying to make some meaning of the results. I'm glad I didn't have that thing from the phone call to distract me then, because it might have been a hindrance.


Let's hope the messy results will make me enlightened too, in future.

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pretty little red butterfly.
2:16 am

Thursday, January 08, 2015


Two days of getting swamped under statistical analyses. Also, the mess everywhere is yet to be tidied away, still. Ah.

Four (!) years on, still ever ever so grateful for my professor.

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pretty little red butterfly.
11:59 pm

Thursday, January 01, 2015

hello 2015

2014 ended with me on 30 December finding out that wearing socks to sleep in this gloriously cold windy weather we have going right now which is our version of winter makes your feet feel wonderfully cosy and protected in its little cocoon. I SHOULD HAVE DONE THIS LIKE, FROM A WEEK EARLIER when the weather started being tooooo gloriously cold for my feet. Aiya.

2015 started with peace, although I was expecting a bit more spark. But HOORAY FOR PEACE. Last year was angst, this year peace? I'LL TAKE IT. Peace, good.

Hello 2015, I think I will allow myself to cautiously feel better about you than 2014.

I have a few things that I need to get done these few weeks:

- finish typing all the transcribed responses - YAY I FINISHED TRANSCRIBING ALL THE SOUND FILES TODAY. On New Year's Day. I take it as a good sign.
- clear my table/multiple cupboards. Basically clear out an entire day because otherwise I can't seem to even WANT to do it and CLEAR ALL MY BELONGINGS FROM EVERYWHERE.

These are mammoth-enough tasks to handle. Wish me luck.

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pretty little red butterfly.
11:38 pm

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 round-up

I used to do the year-end post by having the past year's worth of pictures. Now it's just words ha. I'm too lazy to dig up all the links again. How was past me so patient *pats past self on back*

I remember the last day of 2013 was full of exasperation, at midnight I had a 10-second reprieve reading L's lovely Happy New Year message, then exasperation turned into angst. From Othello, my 'A' Level literature text, "It was a violent commencement [ ], and thou shalt see an answerable sequestration" is a line I remember very well and used it once to start an essay question before, and still totally agree with it. I was slightly worried that this meant the rest of the year would be angsty as well. Although I know very well that calendars are man-made constructs that help structure the passage of time. And that I am not only following the Gregorian calendar, I am following the Lunar one too and it was not yet a 'New' year for the latter. Nonetheless, it just felt URGH when the start was bad.

Two days later, indeed something not good happened. Aiyaya. This worried me even more, but I still thought about the whole arbitrary boundary of dates thing and hoped for the best.

I cannot remember anything negative around the Lunar New Year. Also those few months we were busy with data collection running around student care centres - that was basically my first and last quarters of 2014.

July saw me going to New Mexico, USA for the first time for the conference. All in all, it was a good short trip. Oh yea the travel entries aren't finished even as of now hahahaha. I think what's missing are the pictures, which wasn't much, I blogged almost every day that I was there anyway so you can click on the July archives to relive those days hur.

The next major crisis I can think of was around my birthday. See, all the more major days in the year - MEH. So clichéd but COMMUNICATION IS KEY.

Also this year was probably the year I shared the least amount of stuff on this blog in all these years of blogging haha. All the deep thoughts in my head head head.

November marked the sunset of a life. Yesterday was the 49th day. We went to the temple to pray, went back to the house (do I still call it the paternal grandma's house?) for lunch, then went to pay a bill at the company as well as ask some questions about the rituals. I was fascinated by the fact that they still made all those lanterns and paper figures used for the praying by hand!!

This year I started speaking my mind where I thought my voice should be heard. I stood up to authority, quite impressed by myself actually by that ha. This year I also learnt that I should pick my fights better - maybe only on familiar ground? And as always, learn to sound far less aggressive when provoked. This is one of the reasons I don't often ask questions or say anything, for some reason I always seem as if I have an ulterior motive when I don't and it could be a genuine question!

I will give myself credit for one thing though - I think I'm less judgemental about things now. Keep it up, you still got a way to go.

Also, you know how those people who are the coolest about things are the ones who've been through the most shit and thus am now cool (maybe apathetic? Who knows)? I think I'm becoming one of the cool kids now, as a result of all the shit. Hur. Also keep it up, soon fewer things will faze you yooohooooo *party emoji*

This year was not really a good year for me emotionally. Glad it's over. *exhales*

Next year, may I be granted more patience in things I find unjust. Also may my pre-menstrual angst not be SO angsty please. It's not fun feeling supreme want-to-break-things angst okeh. Such effort. I know I used to have it worse, especially when it was in the puberty era, so now I'm glad that I've mellowed with age HAHA.

May I just have peace and tranquility in the new year, I don't need anything grand. Getting older ah, my heart cannot take it. Hur.

This seems like an apt song for this post, thanks to K on Tumblr - The Gabe Dixon Band - All Will Be Well.

Happy New Year to you and yours! :)

(This must be the most pensive round-up ever since I started this blog. Usually it's much sparklier ha.)

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pretty little red butterfly.
12:31 pm

Saturday, December 27, 2014

of Christmas and charades

(Some parts of this post are slightly inspired by H's style of writing. AKA, only she and I can see the vague resemblances here and there. :p)

I don't celebrate Christmas, therefore usually I don't have any parties to attend.

I like gatherings of any sort well enough though. And it used to make me a bit jealous that other people have parties with bright colours and happy vibes all round and I just sit at home and surf Tumblr. But it's sort of the same thing really HA. But yea, this introvert over here just wants company. Sometimes. On her terms. Hur.

I got to go to two this year though, one on Christmas eve, one yesterday which was more of a Christmas-cum-Housewarming party, courtesy of J.

I managed to finish transcribing all the sound files that I had brought out in the time between lunch and dinner. *pats self on back*

From Meidi-ya. Yummm. Roast vegetables, kurobuta pork, potato salad (covered with kitchen paper in this photo with a spoon on top but visible in the next photo, salmon, roast chicken. The apple sauce was YUMMM. I DIDN'T KNOW APPLE SAUCE WAS SO NICE. Well, it's my favourite apple, how could it not be right ha. For some reason I always thought they would be a bit weird and sour.

Apple wine yes. Anything apple yes yes.

There was also another iced wine. I had two shot glasses worth of drink in the end. Didn't feel warm nor did I blush. (The apple wine was 10%, the iced wine was 10.5%.)

Chocolate log cake with English Breakfast Tea mmm.


I ate my cookies (thank yous) while doing more transcribing. Your Ctrl+Shift+arrow+arrow+arrow keyboard shortcut brought me back 4 years ago where I watched you do the exact same thing in our group project meetings. Goodness it's been 4 years. Talk about #flashbackfriday HEYO. *pats us on back*

Seletar Mall Christmas tree made of plastic bottles and poinsettia.

Pre-dinner: croissant and turkey pie and Venti (!!!!!) Toffe Nut Latte, of which the latter made me so fulllll for the next how many hours because of all that air and foam. Air is filling yo.

Christmas tree with all the gifts to be exchanged under it. That huge bolster present was the joke of the night haaa. I got the game Twister! Yooo.

I played with little J, or rather, she held me hostage in her room and refused to let me out for about half an hour haha. She had an alphabet Lego set of which the words were Anchor, Ballerina, Cowboy, Dolphin, Elephant ... and I remember seeing Rafflesia (!!!!!!?!?!!?!?). WAH. The most difficult alphabet set I've ever seen. *says in sage voice* Times have changed.

There was foosball, FIFA soccer playing on the big screen, and my favourite charades which was played more in the style of Taboo (i.e., the talk-y version not the act-y no-talk-y version). It was fun and HILARIOUS. We ended the night at 1+ after the Man U-Newcastle football match.

It was a good night. I like.

I'm feeling somewhat pensive and appreciative today so - thank you for letting me have a chance to go to these which I otherwise might not have. *red dancing girl emoji*

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pretty little red butterfly.
6:26 pm

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