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Monday, July 21, 2014


Time: 21 July, 9.38am

Warning: long post ahead.

Hello, I'm still here. The conference which needs me to use many brain cells, 14-hour time difference, sunset only at 8pm has made chooahqi a vair easily exhausted girl. I barely have time to write my travel journal, much less blog hur. Yesterday I spent almost the entire day writing the past TWO days' worth of stuff at all sorts of places - the lounge while waiting for the shuttle to the Plaza (aka downtown Santa Fe where it's bustling and noisy and there are all kinds of shops)/in a bookstore/back in the room. Shows how much has happened and how much I have not had time to sit down and write.

I wanted to type this up last night but again, too tired. I'll do proper posts back home about what happened each day but basically yesterday (my 20 July) I was free already, the conference being from 16-19 July. I left the bookstore with about 5-ish minutes to spare to get to the pickup point for the shuttle back to the hotel and raaan up slopes. Let's just say running at 2200+ altitude on not particularly much food (a cappucino and a huge blueberry muffin which is eh~ and also, the muffins here are really not spectacular, I think I bake better, this is not bragging, it's fact), nor sleep is not advisable. Haha. Also, I realised after a while I had juuust missed the shuttle. Aiya.

While I was still hoping against hope that the shuttle will turn the corner, someone taps me on my right shoulder and I turn around to see an oldish woman wearing sunglasses (but I could see her eyes were like half-closed).

W: Excuse me, do you know that the Lord Jesus Christ is your Saviour and *something something I forgot*?

R: *couldn't catch it the first time round so she repeated, I responded macam she was telling me about the latest news instead of the direction I knew she was going, I braced myself for the subsequent onslaught, thought to myself 'oookay here we go' and said* Oh yea, I've heard of it.

W: Are you a Christian?

R: *debated whether to lie and say yes or say I'm any other religion other than that, decided I dowan to go against my principles* No.

W: Have you read the book? (SEE, she called it book leh not bible!)

R: No. (One-word answers with no additional information, how characteristic of me.)

W: Why not?

R: Not interested.

W: Do you know we are all sinners and *something something else* and God saved us from our sins and that 'whoever believed in him shall not perish but have eternal life'? (The quotation I was actually mouthing along with her, in my head of course, not outwardly, because I KNOW THE VERSE! JOHN 3:16! SEE! I KNOW OKEH!)

Prior to this, I was still looking at her and maintaining eye contact every so often. After this, I was no longer staring at her while she talked but looking out left and right (for the shuttle as well as just avoiding eye contact, how characteristic of me #2), she moved to my left (the direction I was looking out for the shuttle in ha).

W: Why don't you seek Jesus Christ?

R: *in my head: because I'm an agnostic/atheist but dare not say it out because god knows (pun intended? HURHUR) what she will do to me if I had said that so I told a white lie for my own safety* Because I'm not ready.

W: Why aren't you ready? You just have to accept Him (almost forgot to capitalise H), and be a child of God etc. etc.

R: But I'm just not.

W: *insert some more long stories of biblical phrases and god and salvation vs. sin and hell and eternal damnation and you also know la huh*

R: *barely nodding/outwardly responding by this point*

W: Do you know that there was once a man in Ohio (*thinks: oh she's going to tell me some miraculous story like that described in 'Amazing Grace'*) who said he wasn't ready, and the next minute he got into a motorbike accident and was condemned to Hell because he did not seek salvation (dunno whether this phrasing/wording makes sense, can't remember exactly what she said but OH it isn't a story about a miracle (that can probably be explained by science), this is a refreshing change!).

R: *barely nods keeping a neutral look. Some people walk past being very curious but none could hear my silent cry for help, maybe cuz I was so poker-faced HA*

W: Why aren't you ready? *repeats self some more, insert something more about God being good and we want to go up, not go down to Hell and Satan* You can go as you are. *something more about you'll be condemned in Hell if you don't believe, I just tell her yea I'm okay about it hurrr*

R: I'm just not.

W: It's like when you meet someone. Do you get ready and take a shower first?

R: *puzzled* Yes.

W: *surprised at my answer, which I'm like huh you mean you DON'T shower before going to meet someone?! but she recovers herself quickly* But God already knows what you think. It's like if you were called up to the court over a fine, you have to pay it, but God has already done the paying for us (at this point I wanted to interject that hallo if you break the law of course you must pay for it la then what?! but then she had moved on to her next topic and I couldn't say it anymore). Do you want to choose a Hell of death and destruction etc. or God's light and hope and Saviour and everything (paraphrasing, duh). Do you want to go into the darkness? Can you see in the dark? (*in my head: after a while yes, when my eyes have gotten used to the darkness ha SEE, I got answers to all the questions which to her are rhetorical*) No, you can't, you need God's light etc. etc. more binary light/dark metaphors, joy, hope, all other positive abstract nouns.

R: But you talk about death and destruction, it's already happening now. *I was twirling up a belt in my hands, at this point I stopped twirling and put it in my bag, also to check my belongings were still with me*

Wah this woman. Gotta give her props for being able to come up with an answer immediately that seems to make sense to her, but which I'm sure might be an ad hominem fallacy but wahey it's an answer!

W: Yes, I know, that's where the three branches of sin come from - one, the governmental systems which govern us *some elaboration that I forgot*. Two, your body which tempts you to do things that are bad for you - you eat too much, drink too much, some people take drugs and alcohol. (Oh? She didn't mention sex?! *EYE BIG BIG* I thought that would be #1! But oh sorry, need to produce next generation of children of God.) (And then because I was so distracted by the lack of mention of sex I forgot the third point HAHA.)

R: *continues nodding periodically, not wanting to talk anymore, I can list homosexuality and children who are born with diseases - what did the children EVER do?! etc. etc. and ask her to explain all of that with her benevolent God's book but then I didn't want to be stuck with her for the rest of my life, also was wondering whyyy I missed that shuttle aiyaaa*

I must have suddenly looked like I was going to GO somewhere or she finally finished her monologue and found that maybe there was still some hope left in me *snorts* or maybe she saw that she was NOT getting her message through this stubborn head because she asked -

W: Anyway, what's your first name? (I am quite sure I heard specifically first name, I was wondering wah so specific ah)

R: Rachel. *on hindsight was glad I didn't give her the other name I give to people whom I don't wish to have any connections with: Grace!! Can you imagine what she can say about that name with respect to God and grace and things?! Phew!*

W: Do you live in the US?

R: No. (Haha one-word answers FTW. Also I think she was waiting to be told where I *do* live then hur. Sorry, zilch.)

W: Well, Rachel, tonight I'll be praying for you.

R: *manages to keep the snort down* Thank you.

W: I'll be praying that you'll be ready soon. You're a beautiful, sweet, gentle girl (*nearly snorted out loud - after all that non-committal nods and staring everywhere else except at her and she can STILL call me all that and especially gentle?! Wah piang eh 拜托!*)

R: Um, thank you.

W: Where are you headed to? Were you waiting for a friend?

R: No, I was waiting for a shuttle but I think I had just missed it.

W: *makes expression of sympathy* Aw. Your hotel shuttle? Is this the pickup point? Perhaps it is somewhere else?

R: No it's here, but it's okay I'm just going to start walking back now. *starts walking*

W: I'm leaving, you can stay here if you want to wait. (*thinks: wah means she knew she wasn't getting through to me? Oh this poor girl and her lack of readiness to accept the great being*)

R: Oh, no, it's alright, I'll just start walking.

W: *calls out* The Eldorado and Hilton have shuttles by the *forgot where she said*

R: *turns back but doesn't stop walking* Okay thanks! *continues walking, shaking head internally, dare not outwardly shake yet sekali she was looking at me, also wondered if she was following me and if I should make elaborate detours hur, I didn't. Also, wah she thinks I can afford the Eldorado and Hilton?! Especially the former - the building looks super nice and I'm quite sure super out of my budget too.

WELL. Wasn't that fun.

After I told her about me having missed the shuttle, I can just imagine her thinking that it was God who made me miss my shuttle for a reason, and the reason is so that she, messenger of God, could come and talk to me get my chance to gain enlightenment and awww so wonderful and warm and fuzzy.

So I missed my shuttle. But I got a cool story out of it.

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pretty little red butterfly.
11:38 PM

Thursday, July 17, 2014

santa fe

Time: 16 July, 10.56pm (publishing as Singapore time)

Hello from Santa Fe.

Normally I would do a semi-travel journal entry-style blog while travelling but this time the 27-hour flight journey I had and 14-hour time difference has made me supreeeeemely tired so all you're getting from me today is this update I made on Facebook about 12 hours ago:
We wish for extra hours in a day so we can accomplish more things. I had 36 hours yesterday and all I'm feeling is zzzzz, having been on 3 planes and barely slept on any of them, 3 continents, 4 (!) timezones (kept turning back my watch pretending it's a Time-Turner ha), a 3-hour flight delay with a VAIR reassuring pilot telling us "Sorry for the delay, it's an old issue. Flight time is 2 hours, let's hope there's enough air" let's HOPE indeed!? Hur. And guess which genius brought everything AND the kitchen sink SANS phone USB cable? (Last year it was camera cable. I see a trend.) Parted with USD14 for the last one at the gas station (must speak Armorican in Armorica), hai. Hello Santa Fe, I look forward to seeing what you have in store for me. For now, I nap. (Time: 16 July, 10am)

P.S. I think security thinks I'm under 12 cuz I didn't have to do the step-in-metal-container-lift-arm thing. Thank you, I'm enormously flattered :p
Hope I'm more functional tmr. Yee-haw.

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pretty little red butterfly.
12:56 PM

Saturday, July 12, 2014


Just saw a tweet from CNA yesterday about some people burning a flag to show opposition for it/show solidarity with another.

Whyyyyy wouldchoo do that.

You pay money for a flag. Only to burn it. Whyyyyy.


Speaking of flags, National Day is coming up!




The National Library Board is removing two/three (a Google search showed three so actually I'm not too sure) books which "do not align with family values". Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. *rolls eyes to the moon and back*

Statutory laws and religious laws are supposed to be DISTINCT. But it's conflated in sooo many countries, and controlling people who have NOTHING to do with any religion. Grrrrr.

I had to Google for the names of the other two books cuz I forgot. They are The White Swan Express: A Story About Adoption and Who's In My Family: All About Our Families. The second book I don't know the contents but the first I can infer from the title - A STORY ABOUT ADOPTION ALSO CANNOT?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!? WHYYYYYY! Some people cannot give birth even after all sorts of fertility treatment etc. and would like to raise children ALSO CANNOT HAVE THEIR STORIES TOLD. *says in FRIENDS' Janice's voice* OH. MY. GOD.

When was the last time I got so pissed at things like this. Oh right, Pink Dot vs. White Dot (apa ini!?).

Also, apparently the penguin book is also causing a lot of controversy in US (but of course) and elsewhere. Haha. There is no such thing as bad publicity....

What this fracas done for me though, is that I really want to read And Tango Makes Three now. I'll just borrow it from the libr-


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pretty little red butterfly.
11:47 AM

Thursday, July 10, 2014


Ooh previous post was the 2424th!

Today's entry is brought to you by 4 days of extreme busyness after a month of not-so-busyness.

My professor's Medicine department brought in a guest lecturer from Australia so L and I have been attending her lectures. So interesting. Today the students also had a poster presentation, of which I helped in the data collection for quite a few of them, so I walked over to their poster and read the poster myself, told them to save their breaths which they likely needed as they were graded on them just a few hours prior.

At one of the posters, I saw a task that I modified based on a researcher's that was 1) not referenced correctly to me but to L's poster and 2) of which her poster had NOTHING to do with the task. Hur.

Cite properly please. Give correct credit where credit is due. I'm not just saying this cuz this happens to be using my stimuli. For everything else though, cite if it's not yours.

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pretty little red butterfly.
11:59 PM

Thursday, July 03, 2014


I've been reading Green Kitchen Stories, ploughing through blog entry by blog entry from waaay back. Their blog started with two of them awaiting the arrival of a third, and presently there's one more on the way.

They are a vegetarian family and try to have a healthy mix of vegan and other dietary options (refined sugar-free, gluten-free, raw etc.) and my god do they look SO GOOD. Seriously, their salads are the most delicious salads I've ever seen. All that greenery and nuts and beans to make up for meat protein. I've been trying to eat less meat and this blog really makes me want to cook ALL of their recipes. But then I'm also lazy haaa. But this blog and various other food channels I watch on YouTube have also exposed me to the range of plant-based milks (e.g., almond, cashew) and natural sugars (almond sugar, coconut sugar, plenty more of course) there are. WHY ARE WE NOT HAVING MORE OF THEM?! Almond milk sounds HEAVENLY. Also, did you know you can make a pie crust out of dates or walnuts depending on the texture you want? Granted, all these I've mentioned are not cheap, which I guess is why we don't eat more of them then hur. I dream of a kitchen with a whole assortment of nuts and beans and spices and things to whip meals up with on the spot. Every time I look at the ingredient list, I don't have ANY of them hur. Except like maybe salt, pepper, water. Aaaaahhhhh. One dayyyyy.....

Anyway, main point of this entry is I've also been reading their parenting stories. When their firstborn reached a year old, she still had not had any sugar or ice cream or meat. Their parents' ideology is that they will feed her whatever they themselves are eating too, and not discriminate (e.g. either they or her eat something different from each other). I like this part from this entry which I've already bookmarked haha:
"One ice-cream every now and then won’t hurt her". You wouldn’t believe how many times we heard that sentence. And sure, they are right, she eats an ice cream and life goes on. But why? Elsa has never asked for ice cream, she doesn’t even know how it tastes. During a child’s first two years we as adults choose what food our children should eat. And they learn from this. It’s a responsibility. If someone wants to give Elsa an ice cream, it’s not because she wants it, it’s because they want to give it to her. Remember that.
This is so true! We see adults dangling things in front of children and asking them 'Do you want this?' when THEY are the ones who WANT to give them it. The question is more like 'Can *I* give you this ice cream/lollipop/sugary stuff that has no benefits whatsoever but we've been taught that a sweet thing as and when won't hurt?'

It's time to do some reframing of perspectives.

Also, for the sake of the planet, we should be eating less meat.

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pretty little red butterfly.
8:07 PM

Sunday, June 29, 2014


Yesterday a party of 15 went for a fun Blast from the Past carnival held at The Promontory. It was full of old-school fun and games and food and singing and getai. There was EE's family, EE's friend's family, EE's French colleague, Third Aunt, Fifth Aunt and us.

Kacang puteh!

Sky, you still doing good.

The Tikam Tikam prizes. I got the san za and gave it to Third Aunt. Her face lit up and started laughing when she saw it :)

There happened to be an NDP rehearsal and so we got to see the Red Lions and everything else.

Ice pop!


Castle Car game where you just rolllll the car and let it enter one of the three holes of the "castle" ha.

Pinball. You let the ball rolllll down and if it falls to 4 specific slots of the 8 ones there was a prize to claim.

There was mee siam (yum!) and chicken rice available for dinner. Along with many other snacks - kacang puteh, kueh tutu (mum and brother didn't want to queue for it), ding ding candy etc.

Everyone was given 2 pinwheels each to make.

The Flag Past plus also can you spot the sunset colours ahhh ♥

Lookie the sunset coloursssss.

This picture was for the 21 gun salute but lookie the sunset reflection ♥♥

First time I played marbles. I sucked. Haha. I really don't know how to get it man. On the bright side, to use up our Games and Activity stubs we went to play this quite challenging bowling ball game which I will not attempt to describe because I am lazy hur. But I managed to win it!! Wooo. I won a bright pink capteh.

Then there were FIREWORKS!!

Flower firework!!! ♥♥♥

This booth had the most enthusiastic people ever, the one that can be seen in this picture greeted this boy with "YO! WASSUP!" until he was a bit stunned ha.

After we finished all the games stubs, I played a paper ball game with little girl T whom I promised earlier. The wind was too strong so we changed from paper ball to a ball EE brought. So T and I were throwing the ball to each other and narrowly missing various people here and there hurhur, then the brother joined in, then EE, then EE's colleague, then little boy T and EE's friend's son. We spent about 15 mins playing pseudo-volleyball. Then EE's friend taught us a ball game which we spent equal amounts of time playing and laughing till crying and also sweating. Haha. It was funnnnn.

Teochew opera.

Parting shot.

It was a great day. The previous day I did yoga, yesterday I had my fair share of ball games. Today my legs were aching HA. I know, I know, I need to exercise more. I had thought of yoga today but remembered I needed to sweep and mop the floor so yep exercise of the day DONE nonetheless :D

After the carnival, I had wanted to go to Pink Dot but did not find the time. I really should have stuck with my original plan of going way earlier hur. Aiyaaa. Never mind, next year!

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pretty little red butterfly.
9:10 PM

Saturday, June 28, 2014


I did a half-hour yoga workout yesterday.


To those who STILL think yoga is all about lying still and doing non-strenuous exercises, think again. Also, please try Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga then get back to me.

Today I'm aching.



The Tumblr logo is in rainbow colours today!! Did they know it's Pink Dot day in Singapore? Heh.

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pretty little red butterfly.
2:40 PM

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