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1. Oven
2. Stand mixer. My dream is to own a RED (so gorgeous, the colour!) KitchenAid but it costs two bombs.
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the apple crumble of my eye ♦ ;

Monday, October 20, 2014


It's my Chinese birthday (the lunar date, not that of the Gregorian calendar) today.

Happy lunar birthday, me!


Just been doing work the past week, nothing much else to report. Empress decided to make pizza yesterday. I helped cut the ham and pineapple and put mozzarella and she toasted them in our oven toaster + chicken wings + mushroom soup. Mmmmmm.


pretty little red butterfly.
11:50 PM

Sunday, October 12, 2014


Note to self: do not ever be patronising towards anyone, especially if they are younger than me.


pretty little red butterfly.
1:55 PM

Friday, October 10, 2014


Nothing riles me up like sexism in all its GLORIOUS forms.

Focus On The Family, you say you don't support rape culture? Your materials suggest otherwise.....

And using 'gals' in a sort-of OFFICIAL brochure for dissemination? What is this, 1999?

(Well at the rate we are going with objectifying women and pushing ALL the blame on women no matter anything, it might just BE still 1999.)

I've already tweeted it but HUGE KUDOS to Agatha Tan, the Hwa Chong girl who called them out on their bullshit. She is sooo articulate and so much more mature than I was when I was 17.

Sex education in general just needs a WHOLE REVAMP, all the preaching abstinence stuff is NOT ENOUGH.

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pretty little red butterfly.
11:17 PM

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

blood moon

I managed to see the blood moon!!

Taken with my Canon IXUS 210 on the maximum 20x zoom haha:

20 mins later at about 8.45pm:

So pretty.


Just a short life update: still going around the island administering language tasks to young chewren. Still not getting enough sleep like I should. Midterms last Friday gave me an existential crisis at 1am two nights ago and I took a while to fall asleep after that. AHHH.

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pretty little red butterfly.
10:44 PM

Monday, October 06, 2014

note to self

Few things trigger me more than things that I thought I would not need to experience again. Especially if it's the same old gender bullshit/unfair treatment of me vs. the brother.

I'm going to start a new category on this blog called 'Note to Self'. I have this tag on my Tumblr for pretty things to take note of for the future and general life advice for Future Ruiqi to read, so I should also have this tag for this blog.

Note to Future Ruiqi if she has more than one child: do not ever take something away from ALL children just because ONE child is disobedient. It is bleddy unfair and just URGH for the other(s) that did no wrong.

Related, kinda: for anyone who has not watched Emma Watson's wondrous speech on feminism given at the UN #HeforShe campaign (Hermione Granger being a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador!! HOW GREAT IS THAT!!), please feast your eyes and ears on it here:

If reading is more your thing, click here.

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pretty little red butterfly.
10:56 PM

Monday, September 29, 2014


So I made myself dinner today: pasta + hard-boiled egg + smoked BBQ / black pepper and lime chips + guacamole.

I didn't realise I still had that much pasta, I thought it was just a half portion.

It was a full portion.

I didn't realise the half bag of BBQ chips I had left was not a half portion.

It took up three quarters of my bowl, I had only intended half so that I could have the other half be the black pepper and lime one. I reduced the latter to a quarter instead.

I didn't think the avocado (which incidentally Cold Storage's sign said $2.45 yet the manager keyed in $2.90 into the machine and I was already slightly blur cuz I was trying to figure out the self-checkout counter and didn't think much of it, aiyaya) and one tomato could amount to that much.

It was A LOT.

I ate up the pasta in 15 mins. I ate the chips and guacamole in THE NEXT HOUR.


Note to self: chooahqi, it was a good thing you were lazy to buy avocados and lemons to make guacamole/salsa previously. Today you learnt why. Please do not buy avocados anymore especially if it's just you one person eating up the entire thing.

*stares blankly into space from avocado overload*

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pretty little red butterfly.
9:46 PM

Thursday, September 25, 2014


Yesterday the tears freely flowed because was mainly upset with myself.

Today nearly because I was touched by a cute message.

Every month a different emotion takes centrestage. Sometimes it's angst, this month is down-ness (is that a word? It is now).

Sigh. *wipes tear* (ha)

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pretty little red butterfly.
9:24 PM

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